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Gas & Oil Industry Well-Served by Wanner Hydra-Cell Seal-Less Pumps

FT Thomas Pump and Supply Co., Inc. and Wanner Engineering provide state-of-the-art Seal-less pump technology to the gas and oil drilling industry as well as many other applications.

Many large gas and oil drilling companies have expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the reliability, cost effectiveness and low maintenance of our Wanner product line.

Some of the applications that Wanner Hydra-Cell Pumps include pumping condensates, glycols, methanol, fuel oil, paraffin inhibitors, slurries, waste water, caustics, and other additives.


Hydra-Cell Case Study

Click Here to read the Hydra Cell Case Study.

Before we installed our Hydra-Cell® pump, we were using a plunger pump. And, anytime you run a plunger pump you’re going to get some leakage in the packing or they end up burning out.




BJM Case Study

Click Here to read the BJM Case Study.

Common to all drilling companies is the need to cleanly and efficiently manage the spent drilling mud that is a necessary by product of their work. Our BJM pumps are designed to assist drillers with this problem.